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2 PICKS for TUESDAY night==>


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MLB: NY Yankees -1.5 (-150) [Johnson/Nomo] $1500 to win 1000


-I played the yankees runline last night and i got -125 (1250 to win 1200) in pinnacle...now its -150 or worse in most sportsbooks. Yankees should be able to continue spanking tampa--Nomo will have nightmares in American League--boston already hit him hard and now it yankees turn. Nomo owns a 6.82 Era in 7 starts against yankees. With Johnson pitching for yankees they should be bale to win this by more than a few runs.


Also Playing:


NBA: Washington +7 $1070 to win $1000

-New Jersey is flying high but they have lot of pressure in this game. Washington has a good chance of winning the game straight up, but i will take the 7 points. Arenas, Hughes and Jamison should be able to bully Carter enough to make him cry and run to his momma!

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I understand that $1500 bet gets you $1500 back if you win.... I don't know what the -150 & 1.5 means though... can you explain? Thanks




i made a mistake....the bet is actually 1500 to win 150


-1.5 is the runline...you are betting that the yankees will win by 1.5 runs....you will win the bet if yankees wins by 2 or more runs.


-150 is the odds of that bet....-150 is equivalent to 1.67

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