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There have been several meetings this week at WWE headquarters in Connecticut discussing the ECW One Night Stand PPV which is set for June 12 in New York City. It has been said that the WWE are looking for talent who can produce the type of matches that the ECW audience is going to expect and the talents who are older or beaten down physically and can?t perform as well as they used to however they are still expected to still get a big reaction as long as they have been booked in the right manner. Sources have said that WWE are hoping that the show can stand on it its own as a PPV and hopefully do more shows down the line, including possible house show tours in old ECW markets.


WWE has yet come to an agreement on who will be doing the commentary for the show. Sources have said that WWE and Joey Styles have yet come to an agreement for the show for him to do the commentary. However if Joey doesn?t wish to do it, the names that have been speculated are Tazz, Paul Heyman, and Terry Funk.


A type of an FBI "family" reunion is also scheduled for the ECW One Night Stand. Nunzio/Little Guido, JT Smith, Tony Mamaluke, Tracy Smothers, Big Sal E. Graziano, and Primo Carnera III who is also know as Big Guido back in the days of ECW.


WWE offices in Stamford, CT have said the tickets for the ECW PPV would go on sale the weekend of 5/14 but that prices hadn't been determined.



All news taken from www.wrestlingplanet.com

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