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Lesner's NFL Future


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There is an article in the DenverPost.com about Brock Lesnar in the NFL. Apparently, Lesnar hasn't given up on making it in pro football. He claims to have come to the realization that he needs to switch from defensive line to offensive line. We'll see how that works out for him.


The DallasNews.com has an extensive interview with former WWE champion John Bradshaw Layfield today. In the interview, JBL talks about the incident in Germany, politics, among many other topics.


WWE.com has a page where you are encouraged to send your freestyle rhymes, art work, or photos of John Cena to the company. It's not very clear what they plan to do with the content, if anything, but it's a neat concept either way.



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I saw the Lesnar article this morning. Here it is:


Lesnar not giving up hope for NFL career


By Bill Williamson

Denver Post Staff Writer


Brock Lesnar is no football expert. But the guy knows contact. He likes collisions more than a shady insurance man.


So his summer lark in shoulder pads last year was enough to give him some clarity: If he ever is to make the unlikely transition from pro wrestling superstar to NFL grunt, it may be as an offensive lineman - not as a defensive lineman, which he attempted during training camp with the Minnesota Vikings in 2004.


Lesnar, the freakishly muscular former NCAA wrestling champion known as "The Next Big Thing" on the pro circuit, loved the hitting of an NFL training camp. Too much.


"That's why I think I'm an O-lineman," said Lesnar, more humble and down to earth than one would expect from your average pro wrestling god. "I love the contact.


"As a defensive lineman, you're supposed try to get away from the contact. But I wanted to stay there. My natural instinct is to get engaged and stay there. That doesn't work as a defensive lineman. But as an offensive lineman, that's what you do. Maybe that's where I should be if I do this thing again."


Almost a year after becoming a national curiosity, Lesnar is preparing for another shot at the NFL. He is training at his home in the Twin Cities for another run.


"This is real to me," he said. "I'm training very hard and I want to be an NFL player. Hopefully I'll get that chance."


Lesnar, 27, said if he had his druthers, he would land with Minnesota again since he makes his home there. The Vikings were impressed enough with Lesnar last year to consider giving him another chance.


"I like him a lot," Vikings coach Mike Tice said. "He's raw, but he has the desire to improve. He's a great athlete."


Minnesota had hoped to sign Lesnar - who at 6-feet-4, 295 pounds is as physically imposing as any player in the NFL - to its practice squad last year, but never found the right opportunity to bring him back. Lesnar had a chance to play in NFL Europe this spring but had other obligations.


Still, it's clear to Lesnar - who also is mulling ending his retirement from pro wrestling, that if football is in his future - he needs more than the ability to throw an opponent out of a ring.


"Football is serious business. I found that out right away at camp," Lesnar said. "Really, it's more mentally challenging than anything, although physically it's no walk in the park. I played high school football, but that didn't help me one bit.


"The NFL is not a joke."


Minnesota coaches lauded Lesnar for his professionalism and willingness to learn. While the rest of the country may have thought Lesnar's run at the NFL was a publicity stunt, he meant business.


Just ask Chiefs backup quarterback Damon Huard. Lesnar caused an uproar when he pounded Huard during a scrimmage in which everyone knew the quarterback was off limits. Huard was hurt on the play, causing a chain reaction in which there were more than 10 fights between the teams during two scrimmages.


Lesnar, naturally, was involved in his share.


"That was fun," Lesnar said. "I had to prove myself to everyone that I was there because I belonged.


"If I play again, I'll bring the same approach."


But perhaps this time, Lesnar will be more comfortable as he brings the contact to him instead of trying to get away.


"That's just not me," he said. "Not at all."

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