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media wrap for 5/12

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Miami Herald

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MLB Marlins

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Houston Chronicle



Dontrelle is en fuego

"I didn't want to change anything just because they were making hard contact [in the first two innings]," said Willis, who threw 110 pitches -- he needed only six in the fifth and seventh innings. "I just wanted to continue to pound the strike zone. I just stayed calm and knew who to go after and who not to." /---/ Sun-Sentinel


"Usually when a guy is 6-0, he's due for a loss, but right now, it seems like he refuses to lose," Marlins pinch-hitter Lenny Harris said. "If he is going to continue to pitch like that... I don't think I'm going to get to pinch-hit." /---/ PB Post


Easley's homerun

"I didn"]


Rotating lineup

"When I saw that [pull up at first base], he had a little tweak," McKeon said. "I'm not going to mess with it. Take a day. That gives him two days. He's ready to pinch-hit." /---/ MLB


Castillo was examined by the doctor and says he should be ready Monday in Los Angeles.

"It's going to be up to him," McKeon said. "He feels much better today, that's a good sign. I joked with him and said, 'You going to be ready by next month?' He said, 'Next month?' He's in a good frame of mind, he will be OK." /---/ MLB


"One day doesn't make a season, but I want Jeff to stay sharp," McKeon said. /---/ Sun-Sentinel

I find the last quote from Jack very odd. He normally praises and rewards hot players. Lenny Harris got a full year from one at bat against Gagne.



Going global on this mutha...

Though participation will be voluntary, several Marlins players said they'd be honored to represent their countries. First baseman Carlos Delgado and third baseman Mike Lowell said they definitely would play.

Lowell's father, Carl, was once a pitcher for Puerto Rico's national team.

"With my dad, to have it be a father and son having both represented Puerto Rico, that'd be pretty cool," Lowell said. /---/ PB Post


Marlins general manager Admin Beinfest said he's open to the idea of a World Cup but needs to find out more about the proposed tournament before deciding whether he will give his blessing to his players' participation. /---/ PB Post

I'm pretty certain the Marlins allowed Cabrera to play in the regular season of the Venezuela winter league last year despite Urbina's mother still held hostage. Not sure about 2003, he may have only played in the playoffs.



Tuesday night's game

Brian Moehler said he had no problem being removed by Marlins manager Jack McKeon after 78 pitches Tuesday because he was a little "winded" getting through the sixth inning.

McKeon laughed when he heard that.

"Of course he'll say that now, but he didn't say that to me when I took him out," McKeon said. "You don't like to do that, but you want to win. And it's not the number of pitches. It's whether hitters are adjusting."


Lowell still in a slump?

Karen Crouse at the Palm Beach Post explores the matter. Actually, the column is about steroids. She uses Lowell's slump to lead into her story, then quotes him on the issue while she accuses certain Marlins and other major leaguers. Really though, Lowell comes out as wonderful in this piece.



The view from Houston

First quote is on Pierre's triple...

"I thought I could catch it without having to dive," Berkman said. "Then it kind of curved on me a little bit. So when I went to dive for it -- this is originally a football stadium, so the lights aren't very high -- I lost it for a split second. I regained it as I was diving, but when I lost it for that split second, that more than anything else was what caused me to lose it off the end of my glove. I didn't get as much extension as I normally would. /---/ Chronicle


Ensberg didn't seem as impressed with Willis as some of his teammates. Of course Ensberg was the only Astro with two hits in the game.

"He was lights out in Spring Training," Ensberg said. "He wasn't the same today. I don't think he was throwing as hard. So I thought we had a shot." /---/ MLB


"The idea was to make Dontrelle throw a few more pitches and try to get him out of there and get the bullpen in there," Oswalt said. "But he did a good job of throwing first-pitch strikes and making us swing early." /---/ Chronicle


Jeff Bagwell talked about the persistent pain in his right shoulder for perhaps five minutes on Wednesday, about how he's tried almost every remedy known to medicine, and then he grew silent.

"To be honest," he said finally, "my career could be over." /---/ Chronicle

Also check the Astros Daily messageboard.



This homer goes out to you

It was Millar"]Maverickball.com[/url] profiles outfield prospect Reggie Abercrombie. Check the minor league round up for what was an unsuccessful 1-3 day for our affiliates.




Thirdbaseman Drew Niles was promoted to AAA and Michael Tucker (no, not that one) to AA. This might mean we'll see a change at the major league level. Albuquerque is stacked with infielders (Stokes, Dillon, Wilson, Delgado, Wathan, Willingham when not catching and now Niles). We could use one with Castillo a bit dinged up, anyway relievers Smith and Crowell haven't been needed much.



Looking ahead

Friday, Beckett vs. Eaton

Saturday, Leiter vs. Peavy

Sunday, Burnett vs Lawrence

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Rferry, you're spoiling us with these media recaps. Congrats :thumbup


One would think that Niles promotion would most affect Joe Dillon who may be the odd man out. It doesn't look to me as if he is ever going to get another chance in the bigs. At least not with this team as long as they are contending.

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Makes sense. Dillon is red hot. 9 for his last 22, with 5 walks mixed in there. But do we really need another corner infielder/outfielder?

Heck, they way this team is playing and Jack is managing, we could get by with a 20-man roster.

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