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RAW 5/16

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The first RAW of Summer Vacation.....


Energetic enough opening tag match....I bet Triple H will have something to say about Dave and Ric buddying up to each other....Flair/Christian was your standard Flair match these days. Christian's outfit was---well---wow....Hey, Stevie! I thought he'd get SOME reaction, but I didn't hear much....Couple interesting Bischoff soundbites about the ECW PPV. I didn't think Benoit was actually going to try that move off the ladder....


Interesting strategy, with Candice tipping over the bed, and Christy taking a nice bump to the floor. Wow, talk about overanalyzing a pillow fight....As embarrassing as that Viscera segment may have been to some, I thought it was hilarious, and it's the most people have EVER cared about Viscera....Who does Vis think he is with food+sex, George Costanza? It didn't work for him, either....I see some real life is trickling into the Jericho angle....


Man, even Stacy couldn't make the crowd care about the superheroes....I thought when Vince was making fun of Randy's looks after injury, he was surely going to mention how he had two leg injuries and looks better than ever....Hearing JR screaming with comments that were pretty "real" at the end of the Kane/Edge match was worth sitting through the actual match.

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The ending to Raw was just great, you have to give it to Vince to take a real life situation and turn it into an angle. I feel bad for what happened to Matt but his reaction last night while watching that had to be priceless. Great to see ECW mentioned, should be intresting to see where they go with this, I would love to see "Uncle" Eric go through a table at the PPV.

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