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At what time do the gates open today?

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my dad doesnt want to leave until 5pm :( And it takes about 1 hour to get to the stadium. I just hope I convince him to leave early.



I'am feel sooo lucky I live near the stadium(I live north of the airport near the stadium) it doesn't even take us 30 minutes to get there depending on the traffic.I going too I hope I get a doll too. We will probaly leave at 5:00.


PS:If I were your father I would leave earlier than that.

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I am pretty sure that the gates open at 4:30, I will be there at around 4:15 though to make sure that I get them. Also does anybody know about the Papa Johns pitcher of the month thing, I havent heard anything about it this month.


i was thinking about that the other day


i haven't heard about it either, but it's gotta be dontrelle

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Gates open an hour and a half before first pitch. Get there at around 4:15, because a line will probably start forming after that. If you're just trying to get the giveaway, then you'll probably be ok coming a little after that--I doubt more than a few hundred people actually come when the gates open.

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