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Hispanic growth trends.


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This was posted in the outfield for some reason. I figured it was more bullpen worthy.







Hispanics could play a key role in 2008 IMO.


Immigration has been thrown around as a hot button issue for 2008, maybe earlier. If it does, it could end up helping the dems IMO. And Im not saying this because I think the dems will take an open the borders viewpoint whereas Republicans will take a close the borders viewpoint. Nor do I think hispanics demands open borders. Rather, I think it will be a big issue in the Republican primary whereas the dems will probably keep their mouths shut. And during the primary, I think anyone who wants to win is going to have to take a hard line stance against immigration...perhaps so strong as to alienate hispanic voters. During the general election though, the dems will be in the position of arguing that we should just maintain current levels(so as to not alienate either hispanics or non hispanics). On the other hand, the Rep nominee might be stuck with whatever he has said in the primaries. Again, just a theory.


And I know a lot of you are hispanics and conservatives so please no "you dont know anything about us responses." Im basing this more on backlashes in the past such as Pete Wilson in California who took a hit for his anti-immigrant policies from hispanics. I admit I could be totally wrong. But I certainly think its not an issue the hispanic community wants to be #1.


It also could have a benefit for Republicans as a growing amount of blacks in America are taking anti immigration views.


If on the other hand, this doesnt happen and the issue ends up being abortion, curren trends could help the Republicans a lot.

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This is an interesting point. I couldnt get into the article so Im going to assume by what you wrote that we're tlaking about hispanics in general, not hispanic citizens. If the citizenship #s increase dramatically, it will help the dems in some parts, mostly with mexican communities. However, for the most part, many entering venezuelans and nicaraguans are tending to vote republican, b/c they are escaping socialist govts in their home countries (Venezuela-chavez, and nicaragua's Sandinistas are very strong in the legislature).


Also in many areas with increased immigration, many lower class people especially lower class blacks tend to form anti-immigration mindsets. A big reason for this is b/c they feel that the new immigrants will create more job competition, and will basically take away jobs other blacks could have had. This was evident in miami in the area from 1960-80.

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