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RAW 6/13


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Did Hassan make that video package himself? If not, it sure was nice of WWE production to make it for him....Good Hassan/Benjamin match, helped by Shelton's athleticisim....Shouldn't Bischoff be feeling the effects of last night a little more than a rubbing of the shoulder?.... Masters/Slaughter was alright for what it was, though Sarge sounded a little drunk. Will a Smackdown debuter break the masterlock sometime?....


I'll take a long video recap over a Triple H interview....I thought the tag match was embarrassing, particularly when Cena and/or Tomko were in there....What is that Viscera-humping move supposed to be? Wrenching back on the neck? Or is it not supposed to do anything?....That poor crowd, suffering from Viscera and Kane matches back-to-back. I really hate the tag teams getting treated like jobbers. Snitsky saying, "No, it wasn't my fault" was worth sitting through the match....Interesting- Angle to RAW. Smackdown better get some more of RAWS top guys.

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