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Rune fights Luis Figueroa


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I'm bored so I thought I'd regale you with a story that took place earlier this year at The Phillies AAA team's home game.


I was in a small school group there for an anti drug rally that took place before a matinee game. I figured I do something stupid so I made a sign that said We Love Pendejo(a**hole in Spanish, I believe). If one of the teachers or anyone else asked me what Pendejo was, I'd just say it was the name of a player.


Well it turns out that no one was sitting in these front row seats right next to the on deck circle. So we go down and sit there and I have my sign. A player on The Pawtuckett Red Sox by the name of Luis Figueroa( who once had a few at bats with Pittsburgh) comes up and I figure what the hell and I hold the sign up. He shoots me and dirty look and begins to wave his finger at me. I laugh and nothing happens. These two creepy old guys come up and sit next to us.


Luis comes to warm up for his next at bat and I hold the sign up again. Luis this time walks right next to and points his finger in my face and with real broken english "Hey you no use bad language, you want get thrown out of here". The old guys not knowing what the sign means begin to heckle the guy like crazy right while he's batting. The bases are loaded and Luis pops it up. All of A sudden our whole little section gets up and starts clapping as Luis walks back to the dug out.


Two batters later, the batter hits a foul ball right to Dave Berg(formerly with The Blue Jays) who was warming up and Dave tosses me the ball.


It was an eventful day to say the least.

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There really is no word in English like pendejo. However it is a foul word and not to be used by people of the young third.


Generally you gotta be over 25 to use it and not get dirty looks from the second and third age groups.


I don't know why Spanish is broken into 3 age groups (generations per se) but that is how the mannerisms go. Anybody in a group above you gets the Usted and below you gets tu.


The closest word in English I can think of anybody associating to it is wanker.

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