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Rune's Wrestling part deux.


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Same as the last edition, I list a bunch of stories which have taken place behind the scenes or such in wrestling.


- Jerry Lawler had just arrived at The WWF and carried himself very arrogant and cocky. The Clique decided to humble him by taking turns dropping a number 2 into his crown. Curt Henning and Undertaker also pitched in,


- Right before Sable, left the company back in the 90's. A certain wrestler decided to get her a going away gift? The gift? A number 2 in her gtm bag.


- Tom "The Dynamite Kid" Billington and Davey Boy Smith were together one of the greatest tag teams in WWF History as The British Bulldogs. Davey approached Bullington, a known steroid user, to ask him if he would inject him as it was his first time using steroids. Bullington proceeded to inject Milk into Smith and up until this death wrestlers were known to moo at him as he passed by.


- Speaking of Billington, The Kid was known to use horse steroids when he couldn't get his hand on normal roids. His excessive roid abuse now has left The Kid in a wheelchair.


- The WWE charachter Simon Dean, is an actual rib on road agent and technical wrestling legend Dean Malenko. Malenko's real name is Dean Simon.


- Sid Vicious, was one of the top WCW stars during the early 90's. In the months leading up to starrcade he was really getting over and was being promoted to fight Vader at WCW's flagship PPV Starrcade in the main event. However, only a few weeks before the event WCW was touring England. One night in a pub Ric Flair's best friend Arn Anderson overheard Vicious talking bad of Flair. The two got into an arguement. Cooler heads prevailed and both left the pub. Later that night, Vicious came to Anderson's door and as he opened the door slammed a chair into Anderson's face. A fight ensued in which Vicious stabbed Anderson over 20 times with a pair of Scissors. Vicious was fired from the company and Ric Flair took his place at Starrcade winning the title.


- Another Sid Vicious story. Vicious also got into a fight with Brian Pillman in 1991 when Vicious was working for WWF and Pillman for WCW. The two got into an arguement with Pillman challenging Vicious to a fight. Vicious left the bar and returned minutes later with a squeegee and used it to threaten Pillman. Vicious was laughed out of the bar.

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Another Sid story (don't know if its true or not): For a while, Sid used to carry around a pet squirrel in a cage. He brought it to the house shows and tapings. A couple wrestlers once bet Sid that he couldn't keep the squirrel down his pants for a certain amount of time. Sid took them up on the bet, and ended up losing when the squirrel bit him in the nuts.

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