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crunching the numbers


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marlins 1st half 44-42. if we continue at .500 we'll finish 82-80. which wont cut it because the nats are 52-36. if they play .500 they'll finish 89-73. but if they stay hot they could finish 96-66. braves 50-39 if they play .500 they finish 87-75. if they continue on they end up 91-71. if the nats finish at the 96-66, we would have to play .700 baseball for the rest of the season to finish 97-65. its possible but unlikely. now the braves are our competition for the WC. we'd have to play .640 baseball to finish 92-70.these #s are assuming that the nats and braaves play consistently. i dont think the nats can keep it up. the braves might be able to play even better with their good guys coming back. i just hope both dont play better than they are now because then were done. basically our only hope is that the nats fall out the braves get the division leaving us with the WC and a gaurenteed WS victory. :D . for the fish to pull it off they need the rotation to be willis moe beckett burnett olsen. leiter to pen. lets see how mikey does after the break. if he continues to struggle im all for a shakeup. cabs to 3rd and hermida in left and lowell to the weight room ...lol... our destiny is in our hands and Only time will tell!!!

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