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RAW 7/11


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Wow, Piper. That was a surprise. Nice to see the legends once in a while- keeps things unpredictable. And it didn't take long for them to take advantage of the dueling talk-shows....I was pleasantly surprised by the Masters/Tajiri match, actually going so far as to say I enjoyed it....The Shelton/Carlito match was good, but really dragged in parts. Coach even dropped HTM's name. Do we see him show up later on in this feud, as Carlito seems to be the 00's version of HTM....Jericho/Cena for the belt at SS? I'll take it....


Thank God I had to work tonight and could FF through the diva search....I wonder how many in the crowd knew about Matt Stryker and his story....I thought FOR SURE the attacker of Edge backstage was a look-a-like, considering the camera was shaky and they didn't get a good look at him....Well, I guess it WAS Matt. Certainly interesting. Does this mean Kane's feud with Edge is over?....Good final segment, especially Piper getting worked up. The guy still has it on the mic. Not sure if Shawn's explanation was what most people were looking for though.

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