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Muhammed Hassan Speaks


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Video Right Here


Thanks to Amir for the following:


This is what Daivari said after Muhammad Hassan's promo on the NY TIMES at the tapings last night (and on WWE.com today). Daivari speaks PERSIAN (Farsi) not Arab. Here it is:


Daivari Said: For everyone who watched last week on the TV you saw me get picked up from the ground and go to the back. But you thought the hands on me were Arab hands. You don't even know, but when you hear that the masked men were Arabs, you believe it. We are Arab (points to himself and Hassan) so therefore you think we are bad people. But please, for only one time, one minute, ONE SECOND just listen to the words of me and Muhammad and you will understand we are American and we are from America. And then you will then understand what they wrote on the New York Times was wrong (points to the crumpled paper).


-I just wanna point out again that Davari IS NOT speaking Arab, he's speaking Persian. But yeah, Hassan stuck up for himself good, great promo there, crowd was pretty quiet and only thing they did do was chant U.S.A. The Muhammad Hassan/Undertaker terrorist storyline has since continued to get mainstream coverage all over the media today, as you guys have been reporting on.

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Because UPN refused to allow Hassan to appear on Thursday's SmackDown, the following response was taped for WWE.com:


I stand here tonight the only patriot left in America. I stand here tonight perhaps even a martyr against tyranny and injustice. Because the fact is I am an AMERICAN professional wrestler, but because of my heritage, because of my background, because of who my ancestors were, I'm labeled - we're labeled terrorists. Terrorists; I'm a terrorist! Well it must be true - it's gotta be true - because it's right here in black and white, in a reputable source, like the New York Post.


What, you don't believe me? Here it is: "Terrorist Wrestles After Bombing." I'm a terrorist - we're terrorists. We wrestled after a bombing. Well, Mr. Don Kaplan, (to Daivari) have you ever met Don Kaplan? Have you ever spoken to Don Kaplan? Have you ever called Don Kaplan on the phone? Well, I never have either. So, if Don Kaplan of the New York Post has never met us, how does Don Kaplan know we're terrorists? Don Kaplan also wrote that "Arabs in ski-masks carried Daivari out as a sacrifice last week." Arabs in SKI-MASKS...in SKI-MASKS...in a ski-mask. How does he know that they were Arabs?


The point is, because of articles like this, because of the fear that the media has put in all of you people, I have been denied my God-given right to pursue the profession of my choosing...to pursue the American Dream. I have been denied my basic rights as an American citizen. You know, as I look around this crowd and I look at all these faces looking at me in disgust, I think a lot of you have forgotten what this country was founded on. I think you have forgotten that your ancestors fought for their freedom. They gave their lives for their freedom - whether they be black, Irish-American, Italian-American, Jewish-American, Asian-American, they gave their lives for their freedom.


What's next? What's next? Because anytime anything goes wrong in this country, it's the Arabs. When a plane crashes, it's the Arabs. When a bomb goes off, it's the Arabs. The blackout two summers ago - it was the Arabs. Hurricane Dennis must be the Arabs.


You people say what you want. Because I have a right to be in here. I have a right to say what I want. And what I'm going to say, my name is Muhammad Hassan. I am an Arab-American and I am very proud of my heritage. But, as an American, my first amendment rights have been trampled. And, I stand here before all of you ashamed of my country.


(Hassan rips the NYPost article as Daivari translates the speech)

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