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Dolphins Get Manuel Wright

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USC defensive tackle only player taken

By John Clayton




The Miami Dolphins selected USC defensive tackle Manuel Wright in the fifth round of the NFL supplemental draft Thursday.



Wright, 22, was considered a potential first-round choice in 2007 had he stayed in USC. He was hoping to go in the first or second round. A disappointing workout Friday at which he weighed 329 pounds didn't help his case.



Wright left USC even though he had two years of eligibility because he wasn't sure if he could stay eligible.



Despite the workout, Wright is considered an interesting prospect. He has a good first step similar to Cortez Kennedy. At 6-feet-5, 329 pound, Wright can dominate a game. He was almost unblockable in a game against Oklahoma last season for the Trojans.



The Dolphins believe they got a steal in Wright. Not only did the Dolphins get him in the fifth round, but they also acquired him with the lower of their two fifth-round choices in 2006. The Dolphins had two first-round picks available in 2006.



Wright was taken because of need. The Miami defensive line is aging and has injury questions.



Eight other players, including former Clemson wide receiver Roscoe Crosby, were eligible to be taken in the supplemental draft, but only Wright was selected.


Great, great addition for only a 5th round pick. Also, they say we have 2 first rounders available for '06 but I think they meant 5th rounders. Am I correct?

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Damn, i was just about to post this......this is AWESOME news, wright can be great.


Also, i sure hope that the two 1st round picks thing is accurate, that will be big for next year.....saban is doing a great job rebuilding this organization and having two first round picks next year would let us make HUGE strides


go fins!

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