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Fed Up With Trade Talk - Well You May Get Upset

Cambridge Marlin

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PHOENIX ? A.J. Burnett and Mike Lowell put on their Marlins uniforms Monday unsure whether they were doing so for the last time.


Once thought to be bound for Baltimore as a package deal, it appears the two will head to separate destinations, as according to published reports, the Pirates are set to take Mike Lowell and cash from the Marlins along with either Orioles outfielder Admin Bigbie or pitching prospect Hayden Penn.


The Orioles would end up with Burnett and Pirates first baseman Daryle Ward. Reliever Jorge Julio would come to Florida along with either Bigbie or Penn.


The deal also would reunite the Marlins with a familiar face -- left-hander Mark Redman would fill Burnett's spot in the rotation.


"The Marlins know him and he knows the Marlins," one National League source said. "He would be a decent fit. He helped the Marlins run down a wild card and win a World Series. He's somebody you believe in."


According to The Baltimore Sun, a Tribune Co. newspaper, the Orioles will request a 72-hour negotiating window to try and work out an extension with Burnett, who's eligible for free agency at season's end.


An unsuccessful bid may not preclude them from pushing the deal forward, but over the past two seasons the Orioles have torpedoed agreements to acquire Derrek Lee and Tim Hudson because they were unable to sign either to an extension.


The Marlins' insistence on moving Lowell as part of a Burnett transaction took several teams out of the mix, including the Blue Jays. Lowell is due more just over $21 million through 2006.


Orioles General Manager Jim Beattie told reporters Monday the club does not intend to move Melvin Mora from third, meaning Lowell would not be an ideal fit there.


Assuming they acquire Penn, the Marlins have no immediate plans to spin him off for a veteran pitcher.


Burnett is scheduled to pitch tonight's game at Arizona and Lowell was in Monday's starting lineup.


"There's a possibility you can have two teams you could be focusing on in one day," Burnett said. "Just try and do things to take your mind off of it. Try and talk to people who don't really ponder on it all day. Just get away from it and try my hardest to think about these Diamondbacks hitters.


"I don't answer my phone. My phone's been ringing and ringing. When my agent calls and my wife calls and my mom and dad call [i pick up]. Everybody else ... I don't have any answers for them. They know more than I do."


Juan C. Rodriguez


Source Sun-Sentinel


This was also reported in the Palm Beach Post, not sure how much to read into it, but once again would in involve us taking a chunk of Lowell's salary. I think that the Pirates would prefer Bigbie, they had/have a glut of arms in their system. Plus the Marlins have a lefty bat waiting in a Mudcats uniform who can play the outfield. Don't hate the trade, we would end up with a pitcher who is a free agent after the year (??) Bullpen help & Prospect or Bigbie.


Still not sure why seperate deals couldnt have been done. Baltimore would have offered Cabrera straight for AJ, and well Lowell could have been sent elsewhere.

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