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- Charlie Haas was told by WWE legal he can't go to TNA until his 90 day no-compete expires, but he can wrestle anywhere else in the world unless it's on TV.


- The WWE has hired Kevin Allton as sponsorship and promotions manager. He will work out of the U.K. office on sponsorship acquisition.


- As noted before, Raw writer Brian Gewirtz is now on a hiatus from the creative team and moved to the company's movie division.


- Former Smackdown diva Lauren Jones might not be totally done with the WWE. She is telling friends that she will return later in the year. She has just landed a gig hosting a new reality comedy series which shoots in New York City around August/September.


- Lance Storm officially finished up with OVW last week. Storm is now home in Calgary setting up his new wrestling school.


- SummerSlam tickets almost sold-out this past weekend when they went on sale. Only a small amount of the $30 cheap seats remain for MCI Center in Washington, DC.


- Andrew "Test" Martin as opened a new website at AndrewTestMartin.com


- DirecTV are airing a free 30-minute SummerSlam greatest moments special this coming weekend. Also, if you purchase the next three WWE PPV's (SummerSlam, Great American Bash and Unforgiven) you get the shows for $88.95, saving a few bucks.

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