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Morale Boost

Flag Man

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Imagine the clubhouse morale boost if FO announces AJ and Mikey are here for the long haul (e.g. this season.)


Result: We'd keep a potential Premier pitcher and the most expensive defensive 3B in the league.


All these "deals" for discards and "prospects." Nonsense. No Sense.


Put Cab's at 3rd, Conine in Left, Mikey as back-up 3rd and 1st and PH until the POP comes back to his bat. Don't pay another team half of Mikey's salary!

Could very well come back to haunt us.


And we don't need any more bench players or mediocre relievers.


And fans will have more confidence in FO decisions (as they have in the past.)


Stay with the lady you took to the dance.

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Well to come to that you have to accept that:

1. Lowell and Burnett are well liked in the clubhouse;

2. there won't be any hard feelings between the players and management;

AND 3. it wakes up the players and coaches


Which I don't. Especially not #2. Probably not #1 either.

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Because this isn't 2003?


Because the Lowell trade rumors of 2003 were clearly a veteran for prospects? Even if you disagree with the current trade proposals, you must admit it doesn't sound like we're trading for the future. You don't trade for a platoon player and relievers if you don't think they could help your team this year.

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