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RAW 8/1


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The tag match went longer than I thought it would. That's about all I can say about that....Tatanka?! Are you kidding me? Okay, he was out of shape, but I still marked out. Eugene was pretty funny on the mic with Angle....I thought the way he was going, Vince was gonna introduce Lesnar. Matt was alright on the mic. I thought maybe WWE were giving Hardy just enough rope to hang himself during this interview segment, but he came off okay....


The Conway/Venis match was just dead. And it's no real surprise- Venis hasn't meant anything in years and Conway is debuting an average gimmick (on RAW). What was the crowd chanting toward the end?....Strange Michaels as Hogan segment. Pretty funny at parts, but isn't he supposed to be the heel?....Strike me down if you must, but I found Rob Schneider pretty amusing tonight....What a letdown- another ref coming in to make the count. You knew Cena wasn't going to lose, so the thought was, how could Jericho ring the bell and render a decision for Cena? Guess he didn't have to.

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