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Who got the better deal?


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A guy in one of my nba fantasy leagues just offerd me this trade. I already accepted it just want to know what you guys think. He offerd me Chris Webber for Ray Allen.


I accepted this trade because I needed a forward in a bad way. I had Wally Szczerbiak starting at forward and was not putting up the numbers I wanted him to put up. I am also loaded at guard. With Ray Allen now gone I have got Mike Bibby, Andre Iguodala and Tony Parker now starting at guard.


The guy who offerd the trade needed a guard in a bad way. He has Steve Nash, Luol Deng and Jason Williams starting. He has Rip Hamilton riding the bench. This gives him a nice 1-2 punch with Nash and Allen at guard. He has still got Antawn Jamison, Antoine Walker, Richard Jefferson starting at forward with Kenyon Martin riding the bench.


Pending league approval this will be my new team...


PG- Mike Bibby

SG- Andre Iguodala

G- Tony Parker

SF- Kevin Garnett

PF- Drew Gooden

F- Chris Webber

C- Andrew Bogut

C- Steven Hunter

UTIL- Josh Smith

UTIL- Wally Szczerbiak

Bench- Sebastian Telfair

Bench- Bob Sura

Bench- Antonio Daniels

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You got killed...C-Webb isn't worth Ray Allen no matter what...Ray Allen is a scorer that will get you a steal and 4-5 Boards a game...Bad move.


I have Shaq, Brad Miller and Magloire on my team and i'll be damned if I trade even one for a forward...


I picked up Richard Jefferson off Waivers before the season...I had him and Artest picked up but someone made Artest a bigger priority. No matter what it was a steal.


My team looks like this...




Bonzi Wells

Zach Randolph




Brad Miller



Brevin Knight

Tayshawn Prince

Luke Ridnour


I am on a Yahoo League BTW..

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