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If I had Beinfest Job


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I would like to say Im not thrilled with the Beckett deal cause we didn't get Jon Lester but we didn't get raped either. Cause the Red Sox picked up all of Lowell contract we got rid of our worse contract and can now reallt start building a stable and good team with a solid base. We already have a couple of solid guys to build a team around on in Cabrera, Willis, Hermida, Vargas, Olsen, Ramirez, Resop, Johnson and a solid farm system with good pitching depth. Getting rid of Lowell was the toughest obstacle and we accomplish it everything else should just be a little bit of common sense. The following is my blue print from now on making the Marlins be the bets team possible.


The Must:

1)We need to trade Delgado, Pierre, Loduca, Mota, and Villone

2)We need to let all our free agents with the exception of Jeff Conine and Damon Easly walk

3)We must offer arbritration to A.J Burnett, Alex Gonzalez and Todd Jones in order to get Dradt picks for them. None of these guys are gonna accept arbritration either cause they have more money elsewhere, no starting job, or is at the point in his career after a career year can't afford to play in another rebuilding Team.

4)Resign Jeff Conine and Damon Easly to one year deal's.

5)Resign Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis to long term deal's and assure them that this is there team.


Note: It is essential to offer arbritration to our free agants and get compensation for them which would allow us to restock the Farm the way we want. A team with a good Farm atleast has a bright future.


Most Not:

1)Don't offer Juan Encarnacion arbritration. (We might get lucky and still get Draft picks but don't offer it to him unless he resigns with another team before the arbi deadline)


2)Do not resign Conine to a long term deal.


3)Don't trade Luis Castillo.


4)Must not resign a free agent if we have to lose a draft pick for.


What I will do:


1)Paul Loduca and Guillermo Mota for Carlos Quentin, Chris Snyder, and Brain Bruney (we might have to add Pierre to get it done or something else)


2a)Carlos Delgado and Eric Reed(just to clear a roster spot) for Nick Markakis and Chris Ray

2b) Carlos Delgado and Juan Pierre + Bostick or Kensing for Nick Markakis, Chris Ray and Adam Loewen. (I highly doubt the cheap O's do this one it all depends how high they are on Pierre.

2c)If Pierre is not involved in any of the deal I mention on top then Juan Pierre to Cubs for Renyel Pinto and Angel Guzman or Sean Marshall


3)Sign free agents Bret Tomko, Sideny Ponson, Brain Anderson or Jose Lima. Sign 2 of them cause they will likely only get offer one year deal's, cheap, they eat up alot of inning's, will buy time for our future starters to learn in the minor's.


4)Sign Relivers Chris Hammond and Byum Kim. Both cheap, one deals, Kim versitle, and give our bullpen a diiferent look. Finese and submarine.


5)When its time to Draft look for best talent available. We should have 6-9 picks between the first 3 rounds.

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