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Visiting New York City

Strike 3

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I just got back from a 3 day trip to NYC. It was a 1 day business trip that I decided to expand and take advantage of because I hadn't been in NYC for much too long.


At a business lunch I had the opportunity to meet and talk to some serious baseball fans. Some Mets fans, some Yankees fans but, surprisingly, no one put me down as a Marlins fan. In fact, they expressed sympathy at our situation and asked thoughtful questions. The Mets fans told me how they rooted for us during the '03 WS and said how impressed they were with the poise our players showed. One of them even said he thought the 2000 Mets were just "happy to just be there" and "too much in awe" while the Marlins looked like they weren't the least bit intimidated by the Yankees. He also said "I wish my entire team had shown 1/3 the guts and confidence of Josh Beckett." It was nice to hear that kind of recognition from a fan of a division rival.


One baseball conversation took a very emotional turn. I mentioned to a Mets fan that I had taped the entire ceremony and game of the Mets/Braves game that was the 1st game played in NY after 9/11. I told him how moving it was at that very difficult time to see the Braves and Mets embracing on the field and how the situation had seemingly changed everyone's perspective at that time. The guy told me he was there and that it was the most emotionally charged day of his life. He described sitting among Mets fans who rose at once to applaud Rudy Giuliani, the ultimate Yankees fan. He described Yankees fans actually cheering wildly for the Mets because, on that day, they were all just united New Yorkers. Braves players with tears in their eyes, some openly weeping during the stirring ceremonies. The sight of all those people in the stands heartbroken but strong, standing proud, refusing to run and hide - defiant and unafraid. A day for all Americans that was so much more than just a game.


Sometimes we have the opportunity to step outside our individual loyalties and just appreciate being among others who appreciate this wonderful game of baseball and what it's meant in our culture and throughout our history.

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I take year long trips to NYC



Even though I hate the cold weather, it looked beautiful this time of year, was as exciting, dynamic and fun as ever! I will never go so long (7 years) without visiting again. I love that New Yorkers are so talkative everywhere you go. Yeah, they can be a bit brusque and blunt but I've always preferred blunt to fake.


Being there just reminded me how proud I felt that we, as Americans, were all so well represented by New Yorkers in the aftermath of 9-11. Standing in front of where the twin towers once stood gave me chills since they were still there the last time I visited.

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