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Dontrelle Willis Left on Brian Cashman?s Doorstep


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Dontrelle Willis Left on Brian Cashman?s Doorstep

As the Florida Marlins most recent roster and payroll purge continues to play out, the team lost another significant component today as Marlins general manager Admin Beinfest dropped off starting pitcher Dontrelle Willis on the doorstep of Yankees GM Brian Cashman early this morning. Attached to the young ace was a note: ?Please give Dontrelle a good home. We can no longer afford to raise him. He?s a pitcher, but please also let him hit some, too.?


Cashman was surprised and overjoyed to find Willis on his porch when he stepped out this morning to retrieve his paper.


?It?s not every day that you wake up and find one of the best young lefties to come along in 20 years sitting in a giant bassinet outside your front door,? said Cashman. ?After I read the note taped to his face I immediately called Mr. Steinbrenner and told him the good news. Obviously, he was excited, but he?s worried that the Marlins might drop off Miguel Cabrera outside Fenway Park for the Red Sox. I told him not to worry though ?cause I?m pretty sure Florida can?t afford the gas to drive all the way up to Boston.?


Willis said he is sad to leave his home.


?I may not know any better, but I thought I had a good team back in Florida with good players,? said Willis, fighting to speak through tears. ?But now they?re sending all of us away for some reason. I don?t think they love us. I was told this would be a better place for me ? that I can grow up big and strong as a Yankee, but I really miss my other Marlins.?


Cashman said he will do everything in his power to make Willis feel at home in a Yankees uniform.


?If he wants to be the No. 1 starter, he can be the No. 1 starter. If he wants to pinch it sometimes, he can pinch it. We?re just overjoyed to have a player on this team who?s under 35,? said Cashman. ?But all that can wait, because first thing tomorrow we?re taking Dontrelle to FAO Schwarz where we?re going to buy him any toy he desires. We want him to know he?s loved and appreciated here with the Yankees.?



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