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Randy McMichael fined


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Posted on Tue, Dec. 20, 2005


Tight end is fined

According to an NFL source, Randy McMichael was fined one game check by the league for an incident with his wife in July. He was not suspended.




Dolphins tight end Randy McMichael was fined a game check by the NFL for his involvement in an incident with his wife Cawanna in July, according to a league source.


In a letter to McMichael, the NFL informed him of the fine under the league's personal-conduct policy. McMichael, 26, was not suspended by the league for this incident, which is the second time he and his wife have been involved in an argument that has led to one or both of them being arrested.


Agent Drew Rosenhaus, who represents McMichael, had no comment on the matter, although the outcome was the best option expected.


On July 9, McMichael was arrested on three misdemeanor charges -- criminal trespass, public drunkenness and family violence battery -- after police and witnesses said he argued with his wife in the parking lot of a Waffle House restaurant in Grovetown, Ga.


According to one witness who spoke with The Miami Herald and others who spoke with police, McMichael cursed at and threw a cell phone at Cawanna McMichael, 22, while they were in the restaurant. The two then went outside where she went to their car. McMichael pulled her away from the car several times.


At one point, he went to the back of the car and took a box out. The witness said that as McMichael took the box out, the cardboard top of the box hit Cawanna McMichael in the face, leaving her with a bloody nose.


In September, McMichael pleaded guilty to criminal trespass.


Superior Court Judge Neal Dickert sentenced McMichael under the First Offender Act to 90 days of probation, a $500 fine and restitution to pay for the damages, according to court records.


Court records show Cawanna McMichael refused to pursue the battery charge and the public drunkenness charge was dropped as part of a negotiated plea agreement with the District Attorney's office.


In July 2004, both McMichaels were arrested early one morning after an argument at their home. McMichael called the police during that incident and the matter was eventually dropped.



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