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need help

Guest marlins02

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Guest marlins02

ok, i got a video that i need to get on DVD. i have it on mini-dv and VHS but i dont have any editing equipment to capture the video on my computer.


so what im asking is does anybody know if there are any places i can go to get this video on dvd?


the reason this is important is because i made a video with someone's help last summer and i gave her a copy on vhs but that tape got f***ed up so she was asking if i could get it on dvd for her. i told her i would when i was at school but things got so complicated that i just never had time and i no longer have any access to the equipment at school. she told me its cool not to worry about it but she really helped me out so i want to do this.


another reason is that im bored and im looking for something to do.

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