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Visiting "The Stadium" For the First Time


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Aloha, Making the trip out to Miami to see a friend play this weekend against the Rockies and am wondering if there is anywhere cool to party/hang out before the game. Any tailgating spots at the stadium? Thanks and I am looking forward to seeing all of the Marlins' great fans.

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Hi, there are some other posts like this that go into great depth, but I will help you


I am assuming you have a car so....


If you are leaving from miami, either leave early like at 4ish or wait until 7pm so you dont have to sit in traffic. The game on friday isnt until 7:35, so that should be enough time to get there.


There is not much around the stadium. I know Conines restaurant is nearby, but I forget where I am sure someone else will post the info here.


The HardRock Casino is near the stadium (about 10 min north on the turnpike) They have alot of bars, cafes, restaurants and stores. I would suggest going there.


Dont listen to anyone else, but they best place for night life is the Grove. There are many bars there and the prices are very good. Miami beach is WAY over priced. If you dont want to pay 20 dollar covers and 7 dollars for a beer go to the grove. Mr. Moe's (my fav), Sandbar, Barracudas, Tavern (trashy but cheap beer), fat tuesdays, green street, the improv comedy club, and many more are in this area.


Also there is a place called Solid Gold which is the best strip club around. You could check that out if interested...


Let me know if you have any questions.

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Thanks JetsMania - I really appreciate your taking the time to give me some ideas - I will also check some of the prior posts. I may be opening my own bar in the parking lot from the trunk of my rental car. Take care and Go Marlins!



Ya thats what most people do. I will be doing the same

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