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Deadly glitch in the Miami-Dade 911 system


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Cause for glitch on 911 system still unknown


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Miami-Dade police this morning were still working on fixing a glitch on the county's 911 dispatch system, which caused callers to hear a series of clicks rather than a ring tone.


As of this morning, Miami-Dade police were waiting on a Maj. Thomas Gross to confirm whether the system had been fixed. The problem was discovered Tuesday.


Police continued to ask residents not to test the 911 system because it would only slow down other callers who may have real emergencies.


Callers needing emergency help should listen for popping or a series of loud clicks, then stay on the line and wait for a dispatcher. There may also be an excessive pause between the time the number 911 is dialed and the call is connected.


If there are no clicks, hang up and try again, Miami-Dade police say.


The problem is being blamed on ''line complications'' with BellSouth.




*waits for marlins02 or fritz to make a sarcastic comment* :mischief

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