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Pierre sets Records


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What a job he has done, he broke Luis castillo's record for hits and is on his way to break Castillo's Stolen Base Record.


Pierre rewrites record book


By Juan C. Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Posted September 19 2003


PHILADELPHIA ? Juan Pierre hasn't made Marlins fans forget Luis

Castillo, but Pierre is supplanting him throughout the team record



Wednesday, Pierre recorded his 56th multihit game to claim the

franchise season record. Castillo set the previous mark in 2000, the

same season he established the season hit record.


Pierre has that mark

as well. With 193

hits and 10 games to

go, Pierre is a good

bet to become the

first Marlin to attain

a 200-hit season.


Next on the list is

the stolen-base

record. Pierre stole

his 61st base

Wednesday, leaving

him one away from

Castillo's record from



He also needs four

singles to top

Castillo's mark for the most in a season (160 in 2002).


"He hasn't said anything, so I guess it's all right," Pierre said. "I

knew the hit thing the other day because they brought it up, but

the other stats, I don't even know the records. ... I'm just going out

here and playing, not realizing what I'm doing.


"I play to help the team win. The stats will be there at the end of

the year. I didn't go out saying I wanted to do this or do that.

Everything's just falling into place."


Manager Jack McKeon fell just short of calling Pierre the Marlins'

MVP, saying he was one of three or four players worthy of the



"It'll be tough for him to get the recognition he deserves because

he's a quiet guy and does all the little things," McKeon said. "When

you say, `What does he mean to your ballclub?' He's a very valuable


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Even while recognizing the effect Pudge, Willis, Redman and the like have had, I gotta beleive that Pierre was the biggest off-season aquisition.


If you don't beleive me, take a look at the out of town papers when the FIsh are on a roadie. A reoccurent theme in out-of-towners in their assesment of the Marlins is stopping the catylist at the top of the order.


JP is the man. Thank the Rockies signed him to a long-term contract, or else he'd be outta here next year too.

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