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Teen Girl Squad


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Yeah, I've seen them all. But by far, the ones that stick out are (in no particular order)


English Paper- "Kyle "The Yellow Dart" Smith"

2 Sisters- "You're not Ali. You're not even literate!"

Spring Cleaning- "Oh I'm definately going to answer this one because it's so cool- DELETED!"

50 Emails- "Everything is fine with your computer.....nothing is wrong. Hmm ok, wait a minute whats this- MALIGNANT ERROR?!?"

(forgot title but its about bribing with emails)- "Oops, I dropped a disk full of 3000 emails." "Oops, I dropped a bag with a quarter for each one."


All of them are equally awesome but those are the first to come to mind.

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Homestar Runner is probably the funniest site I have ever seen.


My freind and I are obsessed with Strong Bad(I have two strong bad t shirts and A Cheat T-Shirt)


Too bad they only have Trogdor T-Shirt in girl sizes :(

They have them in everyone's sizes now I think.

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