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How does Glen Wesley spend his day with the Stanley Cup?

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By bringing it to the Camp Lejuene Marine base on the east coast!


Wesley shares Stanley

Cup with U.S. Marines

By John McGourty | NHL.com | July 19, 2006

Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Glen Wesley and his wife, Barb, have often passed by Parris Island, home of the U.S. Marines' Camp Lejeune, when they take their three children to the beach. Camp Lejeune is the East Coast training base for Marines.


Wesley knew that many Marines injured in battle rehabilitate at the base and he is aware of the debt that we all owe to these valiant soldiers.


As a member of the Stanley Cup-winning Hurricanes, Wesley was entitled to one day with the Stanley Cup and he decided to spend part of that day with members of Wounded Warrior Barracks at Camp Lejeune.


Wesley hoped it would help pay respect and raise the spirits of the wounded Marines and that it did.


* * *


Glen, Barb and their three kids spent last Thursday with the II Marine Expeditionary Force, sharing the Stanley Cup.


"The idea to visit came from my wife and me," said Wesley. "We pass by this base all the time, and we wanted to stop by to visit some of the Marines here."


It was an amazing visit. The Marines joked with Wesley about his injuries and theirs. Some compared the severity of the injuries that he's suffered stopping pucks and being banged into the boards to the injuries they've received from suicide bombers, improvised explosive devices and conventional ordnance.



"It's fun to talk to the Marines," said Wesley, who has spent 18 years years in the NHL with Boston, Toronto, Hartford and Carolina. "We can compare injuries. Although mine didn't come from a bullet or (improvised explosive device), but it's similar, so we have that in common."


Wesley brought the Stanley Cup into the Wounded Warrior Barracks and placed it on a table. The Marines gathered round to read the names inscribed on the Cup's rings and point out their favorite players and teams. Then they engaged Wesley in a round of questions and answers.


"Do you still have all your teeth," they asked and Wesley assured them that he did.


The Wounded Warrior Barracks house 43 Marines who were injured while fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, Lt. Col. Tim Maxwell told Jennifer Brevorka of the Raleigh News and Observer.


"The barracks provide a sense of purpose and support for men who suffered injuries that keep them separated from their units and families," Maxwell said.


The group, as befits a military unit, even has its own ranking officers.


Glen Wesley was able to lift the spirits of the Marines at Camp Lejeune. One of them hails from a suburban Philadelphia hockey hotbed.


"I've been a big hockey fan since I was a kid, so I was pretty excited when I found out we were going to get to see the Stanley Cup," said Sgt. Jason Simms, 2nd squad leader at the Wounded Warrior Barracks.


"It's the oldest trophy in sports and it's been through a lot," said the native of Havertown, Pa., who added he believes the legend that the Stanley Cup brings good luck to anyone who touches it.


Havertown, just west of Philadelphia, is home to the Skatium, one of the oldest rinks in the area.


When the Marines were through asking Wesley questions, he had a few of his own. Glen and Barb asked the Marines about their hometowns, combat experiences, injuries and prognoses. Both were impressed with Marines' positive outlook and camaraderie.


Wesley is a very low-key guy, soft-spoken and lacking in bluster. Humility is a big part of his makeup. If the Marines were expecting a big-time sports star with an entourage and ego to match, Wesley doesn't fit the bill. Like most Marines, Wesley is quiet, disciplined, skilled at what he does and most comfortable in a team environment.


"I was more star struck by the Cup than by the player," said Simms, who was one of the first in line to have his picture taken with the Stanley Cup. "The whole visit was really awesome."



Awesome story and classy move by Wesley!

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