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Mitre officially back in the pen, Logan officially on the DL

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Notes: Mitre joins the bullpen

Kensing moved to 15-day DL with strained right wrist


WASHINGTON -- The Marlins traded one reliever for another on their roster Wednesday as they moved Logan Kensing to the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to Aug. 7, with a strained right wrist flexor and recalled Sergio Mitre. Kensing suffered the injury during the seventh inning of Sunday's 7-3 loss to the Dodgers at Dolphin Stadium.


Mitre had been on the disabled list with right shoulder inflammation since May 13. The right-hander threw 12 pitches in one inning for Class A Jupiter in his last rehab assignment.


Manager Joe Girardi says that Mitre's role could be ever-changing, but will definitely start out in the 'pen.


"His role could be a number of things," Girardi said. "His role will be to use him when we need him. Right now, I don't see using him as the long man, so he's going to be asked to do some short stints. Probably in some important innings."


With Mitre returning from such an extensive stay on the disabled list, Girardi said his newly-activated reliever will be monitored closely and not overused.


"You have to be a little bit careful because he's coming back from an arm injury with how much you use him and how many days in a row until he builds up a little bit," Girardi said.


As opposed to other relievers who have to have laser-like control to be effective, Mitre's sinker allows him a little more margin for error, according to Girardi, something that will help the reliever in big spots while he toils out of the bullpen.


"He's got the great sinker," Girardi said. "which is always an equalizer. Your control doesn't have to be pin-point when you have so much movement."


Mitre was seen as a piece of the starting rotation earlier this season before the injury (Mitre went 1-4 in seven starts with Florida), but with the time he has missed, Girardi saw the move as a way to get Mitre contributing without having to go through several rehab starts.


"He would have to go on a bunch of rehab starts," Girardi said. "And then we don't get to use him, so that doesn't help us ... I think that if we felt, sometime down the road, that we needed him as a starter in September or whatever, we'd have to find a way to build him up, but right now the important need is in the bullpen."


The Marlins' skipper said that Mitre had no qualms with the decision to put the right-hander in the 'pen.


"Sergio understands that we have a need and the need is in our bullpen," Girardi said.


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