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So I'm going through Blue Book and it looks like I could get a nice chunk of change for my Monte Carlo right now. I would love to get an SUV (or at least a car I actually want), but don't really know where to look for the best used car references. I figure places like vehix and cars.com are notorious for this kind of stuff, but I was wondering if any of you had other opinions/suggestions?


Also, is it worth it to try and sell it privately rather than trade in? (It's about a 1k difference, all things considered)...But then I have to take the risk of not having a car should I sell my own.


Advice is welcomed, because this is the first time I am really looking to buy a car (I inherited mine from my father).

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It aint a 1kk difference at all. The dealers could give two sh*ts about the blue book value they go by the black book value which is significantly less. The dealers are always looking to stick it to you. I couldve sold my 2003 Grand Prix for like $8500 if I sold it on my own but I took the dealers $6000 cause I got a tax break on my trade in and I didnt want the hassle of trying to sell it.

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