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We are doing it my fellow Americans!

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In case you didn't know the Pentagon shared a lot of information on Iraq with the Congress the other day, and may I say this report excites me. WE ARE WINNING AMERICA! Yes, our objective of wiping Iraq off of the map is coming true! We are showing the world that we are a heck of a lot worse than Saddam! Now the world will start to realized don't f*** with America!


Pentagon report on rise in Iraq violence undermines Bush PR campaign


Sheldon Alberts, CanWest News Service

Published: Saturday, September 02, 2006


WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon on Friday delivered a stark assessment of deteriorating security conditions in Iraq, describing a cesspool of sectarian violence that has skyrocketed since the formation of the country's unity government.


Warning of an "acute and disturbing" trend toward execution-style killings by Sunni and Shi'a death squads, the Pentagon reported a 51 per cent surge in the number of Iraqi civilian deaths in the last three months.


The quarterly Iraq Progress Report, mandated by Congress, said "conditions that could lead to civil war exist in Iraq" and detailed increasing pessimism among ordinary Iraqis that security will improve.


Moreover, the bombings, kidnappings and executions that have lately devastated Baghdad are again on the increase in major cities like Basra in southern Iraq, Kirkuk in the north and in outlying provinces, the Pentagon said.


"Death squads and terrorists are locked in mutually reinforcing cycles of sectarian strife, with Sunni and Shi'a extremists each portraying themselves as the defenders of their respective sectarian groups," said the report.


"The violence in Iraq cannot be categorized as the result of a single organized or unified opposition or insurgency: the security situation is currently at its most complex state since the initiation of Operation Iraqi Freedom."


The grim outlook comes just a day after U.S. President George W. Bush launched a new public relations campaign seeking to halt the slide in public support for the war among American voters, now at its lowest level since the March 2003 invasion.


With opposition to America's presence in Iraq threatening Republican majorities in congressional elections this fall, Bush on Thursday cast the war as an epic struggle akin to the Second World War.


Securing peace in Iraq will be an "uphill and uneven" struggle, Bush said, but he warned America would be vulnerable to more domestic terror attacks if the U.S. withdraws.


Earlier this week, U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld suggested critics of the war were guilty of "cynicism and moral confusion."


The Pentagon, though, made little effort in its report to paper over the daily chaos in Baghdad, where 70 people were killed in a series of explosions on Thursday.


American and coalition forces still face the majority of attacks, but the violence is increasingly directed at civilians, and is far more lethal.


Since the U.S. military last reported on Iraqi security conditions in May, civilian deaths have jumped by more than 1,000 a month. In June, the Baghdad morgue reported 1,600 bodies. The number shot to 1,800 in July, "90 per cent of which were assessed to be the result of executions," the Pentagon said.


A preliminary report from Iraq's Health Ministry on Friday said 715 civilians died in August, a reduction U.S. officials claim is due to an increase of American troops in Baghdad.


An estimated 137,000 Iraqis -- more than 22,000 families -- have been displaced since February, when the bombing of a Shiite mosque in Samarra first triggered a surge in sectarian strife.


"The last quarter has been rough," said Peter Rodman, the assistant secretary of defence for international security affairs. "The levels of violence are up and the sectarian quality of the violence is particularly acute and disturbing."


U.S. officials had expressed confidence the violence would fall after the installation of a new Iraqi "unity" cabinet, including Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds in May.


There was also hope that the June killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawa, the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq, would hamper terrorist activities, but "al-Qaida in Iraq remains able to conduct operations due to its resilient, semi-autonomous cellular structure of command and control," the Pentagon said.


The report stressed that civil war can still be prevented in Iraq, although its U.S. authors said "there is no generally agreed upon definition of civil war among academics of defence analysts."


U.S. military leaders remain encouraged because sectarian violence had not yet weakened Iraqi government institutions, but the Pentagon report cited polls showing that "optimism has eroded" among Iraqis about their future security. State Department research found that only 30 per cent of Iraqis believed life will be better in six months, down from 65 per cent in April 2005.

? CanWest News Service 2006



Don't listen to the libtards who ask "If this is winning, what is losing?", because hey, they are libtards.

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but but but but but we need a to keep soldiers in the middle east to have and sustain control in the region and we need to bring democracy to the region because they deserve it...and and and and and and it is our own moral ways as CHRISTIANS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to show these clearly inferior people how to run a country half the world away who has almost zero common interests with us...this war was a disaster from the beginning...maybe...just maybe...America should stop patting itself on the back for being the only superpower in the world and start making decisions that rely on fact...and maybe...just maybe we can rid ourselves of this cynicism and moral confusion by electing leaders based on their merits in the past rather than who their daddy is or what religion they are

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