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Off to Yankee Stadium


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Hey guys and gals,

Just wanted to report that I am making up my rain out on June 23 at YS by going today with my friend today at 1:05. (Yea I can't watch the fish, oh well)...


The weather last night was horrible...as many of you know we traveled by train and upon arriving my friends house I realized we did not have the tickets. So, I had to go back to New Haven (1 1/2 hours away) on the trains that were barely moving because of debris on the tracks...then on the way back to his house many of the stations did not have power and the local train to his house was running very late due to the winds/debris...and even one of the trains was on kind of hydroplaned at a station and had to BACK UP to get to its parking position! When I got back to the local station, it too had no power and was dark as hell, if hell is dark! so fun stuff.


Well anyway, I will have a full report tonight or tomorrow. The weather seems to be cooperating a little m ore today, and it seems like the only thing to worry about is debris from yesterday that is being cleaned up and other than that, once the sun breaks through it will be a BEAUTIFUL day for baseball with temps in the 70s and light(er) winds!


Go fish! and Go Yankees? (oh and GO LUIS CASTILLO!!!!)


JUST A QUICK EDIT TO THE MODS: sorry that I posted it in Major League Baseball as I was unsure. Thanks for moving it!

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Don't eat the hot-dogs.

oh...too late...it was better than Shea!


Yanks won 10-1...AROD had a breakout game! Had a lot of fun...well my comp is dead...later


Stadium or the hot-dog?


Because while the former is, the latter isn't.


Only thing edible at Yankee stadium are the chickenfingers and the italian sausages.

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Stadium or the hot-dog?

suprisingly...both...as well as the ice cream...the chinese was lacking though.

where were your seats?

we were in sec 32 I believe...obstructed view...but it was better than some seats at DS


I didn't do the whole expirence this time as I did it in June, but it was nice to actually see a game there. Lots of Twins fans at the game as well. It was a fun time and I look foward to my next visit in April or early May.


Btw...those Subways and the Metro North are incredibly run...hats off to the NYC Transit for the superb, quick, cheap, and very efficient service.

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