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Marlins Rookie bullpen relievers


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There are some very intelligent stat people on this board and I wonder if they have any information as to how our "rookie bullpen relievers" stack up against the other 29 teams "rookie bullpen relievers". We are looking at the rookie relievers only here....thanks for the hard work involved in this....

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Top NL rookie relievers (since there's such a great difference in the leagues, I think this is more fair for evaluative purposes):


Cla Meredith-SD-44 IP 5-1 0.82 ERA, 31 K's

Jonathan Broxton-LA-70 IP 86 K's 2.83 ERA, 3-1

Takashi Saito-LA-71 IP, 96 K's, 2.28 ERA, 19 SV's

Taylor Tankersley-FL-36.2 IP, 43 K's, 2.95 ERA, 20 HLD's, 2-1

Brian Sweeney-SD-53.1 IP, 22 K's 3.38 ERA, 2-0

Macay McBride-Atl-51.0 IP, 37 K's, 4-1, 3.58 ERA

Renyel Pinto-FL-24 IP, 26 K's, 0-0, 3.75 ERA



For the Marlins:


Chris Resop-FL 17.2 IP, 7 K's, 1-2, 4.08 ERA

Randy Messenger-51.2 IP, 37 K's, 2-7, 6.45 ERA



So, there are rookies getting it done, and Tank is among the best, with Pinto middle of the pack.

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