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Koren Robinson sentenced to 90 days in jail


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Koren Robinson gets 90 days in jail

NFL.com wire reports



KIRKLAND, Wash. (Oct. 4, 2006) -- Green Bay Packers wide receiver Koren Robinson was sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating probation in a drunken-driving case.


Robinson appeared in Municipal Court in this Seattle suburb, where he pleaded guilty last year to drunken driving.


At the time, he was given a five-year sentence that was suspended on condition he not drink or have any other law violations.


The former first-round draft pick was then released by the Seattle Seahawks and signed by the Minnesota Vikings.


But Robinson was charged with drunking driving again after he was stopped for speeding in August in Minnesota near the Vikings' training camp, leading to this hearing. He was released by the Vikings after that incident, and picked up by Green Bay last month.


Judge Robert McSeveney, a visiting judge from nearby Kent, sentenced Robinson to 90 days in jail, and said he could spend half of it on work-release.


Robinson must comply with the sentence by next March 1, when another court hearing is scheduled.


Robinson's attorney, John Fox, admitted Robinson failed to report his change of address and change of employment status to the probation office.


"The real question is whether this case should be continued," McSeveney said. "Certainly you have other issues going on in other states."


"I know Mr. Robinson intends to comply," Fox said.


"You are not in a position not to comply," McSeveney replied, addressing Robinson. "I would make it real clear to you that there is no waffle in that."


Robinson declined comment after the 10-minute hearing.


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