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Some interesting stats


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To some of you this may not come as a surprise, but I know a ton of people are swayed by Howards "context-dependant" stats in his HR and RBI, so take a minute to check this out...


Also keep in mind that Howard of course is playing at hitters heaven in CBP, while Pujols is playing at a neutral/pitchers park in new Busch Stadium.


Bolded indicates an advantage for the given player. I didn't bold Pujols' hits, but given the discrepancy in AB, Pujols would've definitely put up more hits if given those 2 weeks back.




Ryan Howard:


.313 BA

159 Games

581 AB

104 R

182 Hits

25 Doubles

58 HR

149 RBI

.425 OBP

.659 SLG

0 SB

181 K


Albert Pujols:


.331 BA

143 Games

535 AB

119 R

177 Hits

33 Doubles

49 HR

137 RBI

.431 OBP

.671 SLG

7 SB

50 K




Ryan Howard:


159 GP

91 A

14 E

.991 FP

9.33 RF

.832 ZR


Albert Pujols


143 GP

110 A

6 E

.996 FP

10.55 RF

.855 ZR



I may have missed something, I threw this together quickly



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More relevant than who had the most RBI's or runs are the more important stats like OBP, SLG and how they performed w/ RISP.



Exactly my point, All context dependant stats aside, Pujols clearly had the better year.


I couldnt find Pujols' BA w/ RISP, but I remember reading somewhere back around the end of the season that it was in the .390's.

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