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Just post whenever you buy a game or want to share a story or just wanna review a game. I know a lot of us are gamers so why not make a topic about it?


Anyway, I'm stuck in previous gen for now but that should change in a few weeks. I was workin' at BJs but it pissed me off so I'm gonn work at Winn-Dixie. @[email protected] But that's fine, I'm still kickin' it with my Cube. I play with my baby every day. I have a lot of fun with Madden 07, Mario Baseball, and WWE Day Of Reckoning 2 but I bought this game yesterday and I love it. Fifa Street 2. I love everything about it. How the games are quick and fast paced, the create-a-character and create-a-pitch, the teams, the players, the tricks, the realism, the "HOLY sh*t" plays, the way that everything amazes me, but on top of all that, I LOVE THE MUSIC. This is the best job EA has ever done with a Sports game. All types of music are featured on here and it's great. For the soundtrack go to...




...I've only heard of one of those artists but everything is perfectly placed. GO GET IT, IT'S ONLY 20 BUCKS!

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