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Something positive: The movie


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I dont know if any of you read webcomics, but for years now a webcomic by the name of something positive has been active upon the WWW. It is about a guy that is very sarcastic, his 2 cute friends and a few other friends along with his life in boston.


It is absolutely hilarious and amusing as heck over the length of time it has been running. It has been going for years now 3 strips+ a week and all.


Well it seems there was a live action movie made like the webcomic. For those of you that have read it or want to read it, it is pretty kewl.







There is the short movie (24 minutes of it) that was part of one of the early seasons. I highly recommend it very very funny and enjoyable. The comic btw is even better. If you want a good kick to watch a few times a week :thumbup

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