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ESPN Rates Dolphin's Stadium as Baseball's Worst Stadium


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"Cold Plate Special: The Worst Ballpark


Dolphins Stadium: That's what it is, a football stadium turned into a baseball ballpark. It looks even worse when only 10,000 fans show up, which has been often in recent years. The Marlins, with all their good, young players, deserve better than this. They need a new ballpark with a retractable roof for when it's too hot, and because it rains so often there. "One year,'' present Dodgers coach Rich Donnelly said when he was a coach for the Marlins, "we hit inside more than the Astros.''



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Dolphins Stadium is an awesome football stadium. A nice stadium for most any event. But its definitly a below average baseball stadium. In a few years we will walk into a stadium that has hired its own concession to sell everything from yearbooks to hotdogs with a baseball flare. We will have a jumbo tron where it makes sense for baseball games. We will have areas in the stadium where people can stand, eat, talk while stuill watching the game. We will have areas in the stadium with pictures of our history, not of a football team. Jack McKeon, Rene Lacheman, etc...they will all come back to life. Chuck Carr, Dave Magadan, Al Lieter, Jeff Conine will forever have their mugs plastered around our ballpark. A trip to the ball park with kids will be a trip through Marlins history.


Also, for those fans that sit in the lower level your seats will be pointed in the right direction so...a baseball-friendly seat....so you can see the batter w/o twisting your head. A new stadium will definitly enhance the experience and create a real home for the Marlins.

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