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Mike Davis vs USM students


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Uab played Southern Miss the other night. Both teams are in the latter half of the season, both are rivals. USM won at Birmingham earlier in the season. The UAB students were talking trash the whole game to Admin Eustachy, Steve Barnes and staff about his past problems. Nobody from USM snapped. Anyway its an intense game, some stupid USM student fan threw a cap onto the court and hit a UAB player or something. Here are accounts of what happend. Davis lost it! p.s. game was televised by CSTV




I do not know if a lot of you could hear, but me, being the student I always am was of course on the front row last night wearing my Admin's Looney's shirt. Thanks Mr. Greg Herring for those... Anyway, I know that a hat was thrown by a student and that pissed him off severely, however, I could not believe the crude and obscene racial slurs Coach Davis was stating directly to the student section. Yes people were heckling him, simply because he acknowledged us. I didn't hear one thing racial or negative from the students. He looked at us on several occasions and said and I'm quoting "F*** You, You Redneck MotherF****. You get the picture. I was shocked that the coaching staff was that pitiful.

Then the assistant coach came over to the rail and was in a student's face. I'm sure all of you guys saw security step in and take over. The student, who I know personally, said nothing wrong. He was simply looking at the coach.

As a student, I was really ashamed for the UAB coaching staff. I would be embarrassed as a player for UAB because they did not once acknowledge us talking to them.

I know some people have a problem with heckling and such, however, I must state that nothing was said out of the ordinary to the UAB staff. Also, an assistant coach for us, came up to me at warm-ups before the game and said to give this team a lot of heckling and trouble because the received a lot of it at UAB. Did our guys and staff lack class at UAB? I do not think so.. I can say.. "


"Mike Davis acted like a jerk the whole night and dropped every expletive I've ever heard at the fans and the students. In fact, one of UAB's assistant coaches stared down one of our students for about five minutes. The student, without saying a word, walked down to the railing next to the floor and stared back. All while a basketball game is being played behind him, the assistant had to be restrained by a police officer for threatening to beat the guy up who had still not uttered a word. The Blazers lost a good battle last night, but Mike Davis and his staff acted like classless jerks. Yes, a USM fan threw a hat at the officials for making a blatantly bad call, but this so-called coach of a Division 1-A basketball team should not try and get into the student section to start a fight after losing a game."



I wathced the replay of the game yesterday on CSS and every time the camera was on him he had a frown on his face and was cussing to himself.


I loved it when the student section was chanting INDI-ANA,INDI-ANA,INDI-ANA !!!!"

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