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Babe Bowl VI: Redux | FAQ


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So, what is this?


This is the 6th Babe Bowl we've done on the boards. 4 of the previous 5 have had very similar formats to this one. Members nominate 2 (and sometimes more) women to compete in a single elimination tournament where the winner becomes enshrined forever in the MB.com Babe Forum Hall of Fame.


Cool, but there are 6 brackets...how are the latter rounds going to work?


The 6 bracket rounds make it to the elite 8 along with 2 wild card winners. The wild card winner is selected by the two non-bracket winners and their approval rating (votes casted for girl divided by total votes, for all rounds she is in)


How do we vote?


Simply post in the matchup's thread. We used to do polls, but they were abused. So if you want to participate you have to voice your vote for everyone.


Who can vote?


Any member of the site. 20,000 posts or 2. Doesn't matter. The only people who can't vote are celebrity accounts/multiple aliases. Those votes will not be taken nor will the user's regular account.


What if I wanna talk about the tournament as it happens?


This is encouraged, just not in the voting thread. Please talk til it hurts in the discussion thread pinned at the top of the board.


I don't think my nomination is getting a fair shot, what can I do?


Along with discussing the matchups in the aforementioned discussion thread, you may also bump and post pictures of your nomination or someone elses or if they do not have a thread you may create one.


I like to bitch and complain about everything, what should I watch out for?


This is a game, it should be one of the most fun things on the forum. If you are looking for intense discussion, there are other places on the board to go to. Don't accuse me of cheating/rigging the game, although I do like doing these I don't care enough to cheat/sway the voting. I pick the best suitable picture I can find and I matched the women up by their google search ranking.


If you bitch/complain a lot or pretty much at all you will more than likely have your voting rights taken away.


You didn't cover something or made a mistake, what should I do?


Feel free to PM me. :thumbup

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