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My NYC story


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well here is a timeline of events from my trip to NYC today....depending on how you look at it, it either sucked or was the best day ever

1:15pm take the bus to New Haven Union Station...the rain and wind are there, but it's not too bad

1:57pm train leaves for Grand Central...uneventful train ride

3:42pm train arrives at Grand Central...calm as usual...for now

4:30pm I make my way to Carnegie Hall to buy my tickets

5:00pm it's off to Times Square...I'm soaking wet from the rain already, and so is the Times Square Subway station. In fact, most of the station had water dripping from somewhere...I hit up the Virgin Megastore to kill time and dry off...

5:30pm dinner time at McDonalds...but I'm still hungry

6:00pm to the M&Ms store...I buy some of the NYC taxi mix and make my own Marlins mix...teal, silver, black, and orange!

6:30pm after aimlessly walking through Times Square and sucessfully killing an hour, I find a diner and sit at the counter...I order the strawberry cheesecake...it's to die for!

6:35pm my friend calls me, all trains have been suspended at Grand Central because of flooding in the tunnels...

6:40pm being right in times square I hop on the shuttle to GCT and find chaos...trains leaving for nowhere, people going nowhere, I realize I gotta leave town

7:00pm I'm back at Carnegie Hall, where my high school's chorus concert is still an hour and a hlaf away...I beg and plead for a refund and get it...I then wait and try to say hi to anyone I know (to no avail) while I stay on hold with Metro-North

7:30pm, I hope on the subway back to times square

7:40pm I head over to wait for a 2 train to the Bronx...my goal (along with hundreds of other people): to get to 233rd street

7:50pm There's the train...express through manhattan, then local

8:30pm concert begins

8:30pm my friend calls, all trains are back to normal....so I could have seen the concert!?!?!?

8:45pm we arrive at 233rd St. We now hike 3 blocks (many people with luggage) in the rain, in the darkness, to Woodlawn, a station on the railroad

9:27pm Woodlawn=CHAOS! We wait for our train to arrive and it's a miracle nobody was trampled as we filed down the stairs...I go to the last train and nobodys there...finally, I get to relax.

9:28pm did I say relax, it's a local train to Stamford! We gotta make every stop....oh well, at least I'll hit up a Nw Haven train when I get there.

10:18 train to New Haven leaves Stamford

10:19 our train arrives at Stamford...we now have to wait until 11:06 to get a train...and this with not announcements saying otherwise. The conductor made it sound as if another train was on the way.

11:06: finally, an hour later, the train arrives and I can sit and relax for another hour until we get into New Haven.

12:11 we arrive at New Haven and hop in my roommates car and head home...


crappy day or fun day? you be the judge

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