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I was reading an article debating who has the most unhittable slider, changeup, etc. in the major leagues. This was measured by taking the total number of swings and misses for a particular pitch, divided by the total number of swings taken at the same pitch. For example, take Dontrelle Willis's slider. IF it was swung at 200 times, and 100 of those times the batter failed to make contact of any kind (hence the swings and misses :D ) his "Whiff Rate" for his slider would be .500.


Well, as I was browsing this article, a familiar name popped up. Last season, Jorge Julio's slider was measured as being the 4th most unhittable slider in all of baseball, with a .503 Whiff Rate. Here's the list of top sliders in '06:


Fernando Cabrera, Indians .652 Whiff Rate

Brad Lidge, Astros .594

Scott Eyre, Cubs .515

Jorge Julio, Marlins .503

Michael Weurtz, Cubs .503


Only other notable in the article is that former Marlin A.J. Burnett has the 3rd most unhittable curveball in the game last season, with a Whiff Rate of .453. Here's the rest of the article for those who are interested: http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/news?slug=ap-b...p&type=lgns


Apologies for the double post...was having internet connection problems, please delete one of them...

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