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Comcast Digital Phone Service


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I'm going to cancel my Comcast Digital Cable Starter service on Thursday for the Summer. I will also be sending them a nice note about their lack of the 55 extra Marlins games and how I will not consider Comcast until they pick up the games.


But if Comcast does respond and add the 55 extra games in Tallahassee by the time I come back for the fall, I am considering possibly doing the $99 Triple Play (Digital Cable/Cable Internet/Digital Phone) if it works for me.


Does anyone have the Comcast Digital Phone service? If so, what do you think of it?


The phone company in Tallahassee, like Cape Coral, is EMBARQ....and while they aren't abusive....I'm not exactly enamored with them.


I currently pay $30 for my local phone, $25 for my DSL, and $15 for my Unlimited Long Distance to EMBARQ. Dish Network, EMBARQ's TV partner, offers TV service better or equal to what I have now from Comcast for about $50 (although they do have a $10 rebate for 10 months which would put it to $40 for 10 months).



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