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I need input about paying for college


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Alright, here's my deal.


I just graduated from community college and am admitted to a school called James Madison University this coming fall to work towards a bachelor's degree. I have been able to pay for community college because it's not very expensive, and the somewhat ease of the material has allowed me to work a lot for the last three years to help pay for school and my living expenses.


Obviously, when I go to JMU, the material is going to be more difficult, which won't allow enough time to make any decent amount of money working. And of course, the tuition expenses are going to be multiple times higher than I'm used to, and the living expenses are going to be a bit more expensive, also.


The problem is that the only Federal Loan I can accept is the Stafford Loan, which is $3,500 per year. This is enough to cover one semester of tuition and nothing more. They offered a Federal Parent PLUS Loan which would cover everything else, however, my dad will not cosign on any loan, and my mom is unemployed and unable to do so. I'm very frustrated that my dad will not cosign for his son, and I reluctantly have severed my relationship with him and his wife - we have too much bad history and the two of them have continually done their damndest to hold me back all of my life, and this was the final straw for me.


In any case, I need money. I need in the neighborhood of $10,000 per year, possibly closer to $12,000. The big problem is every private (non-federal) loan requires a cosigner, at least every thing I have looked at. As I mentioned, I do not have a cosigner. Personally, I don't feel like I need one, seeing how I'm 21 years old and have lived under my own roof for the past 3 years.


What I really need is to find a lending company that will not require a cosigner and work with young, financially-independent students who are having problems finding the help they need. Does anybody know any information that might help me?


It's very frustrating and discouraging to try to pay for college, when your mommy and daddy can't/won't write a check to help out, or even sign anything at all for that matter, and the state doesn't give you 4 years of college on a silver platter.



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