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I just really liked this...


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Key Parts:

WALTHAM, Mass. -- It didn't take long for Ray Allen to show his new coach what adding a veteran can do for the Boston Celtics.


Holding up his No. 20 uniform on Monday for the traditional news conference photo shoot, Allen displayed it front-facing, so the jersey read "Celtics." Minutes earlier, when newly minted draft choices Glen "Big Baby" Davis and Gabe Pruitt posed for a similar picture, they held it so their names were shown.


"OK, now turn it around," Boston coach Doc Rivers chided them. "That's the only name that matters."

Allen, who turns 32 next month, averaged a career-high 26.4 points last season, his 11th. He had surgery on April 7 to remove bone spurs in both ankles, but said Tuesday his feet were "perfect ... like having two new pairs of feet."

"This was a long time coming," Allen said before holding up his jersey to show off his new team.


"I love that," Rivers beamed. "Did you see that?"




Im a Heat fan first but close second is the Celtics, i love them and there tradition and etc.

I just hope they avoid playing each other in the playoffs because id want the heat to win but would hate seeing the celts go...

One last thing, ive always loved ray allen and always wanted to see him wearing heat colors or that celtic green...hes a great shooter and seems like a nice respectful guy (been in some good movies too)

Boston Celtics New Shooting Guard #20 Ray Allen

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