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Passion's Pick' Em: Week 12 Standings/Discussion


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Week 12 of the college football season is over and I've tallied the results after nine weeks of picking.


We had 0 perfect weeks this week after 0 last week and the highest score for the week was 12 by multiple players.


Congrats to RossInfoMan for retaining sole possession of first place this week.


Lee and Nny get the Caboose award for the week by earning only 4 points.


The biggest climb for the week were multiple players who moved up 3 spots.


The biggest drop for the week was Benched who fell 6 spots.


Week 12 Standings:



Denotes your ranking went up from last week

Denotes your ranking went down from last week


Feel free to use this thread to discuss the game/standings/picks.


Also, if anyone didn't play last week you can join anytime. With the bonus points and game of the week it is possible to climb the standings very quickly.


If I have made an error, please let me know via PM. :thumbup


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