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A trade proposal


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In my fantasy league, I've put it out there that I have guys that are "available" because I want to acquire a player that will add to my "HLD" total (our league values middle relievers by counting "holds" as a stat).


My "bullpen" currently consists of the following pitchers:


Jose Valverde (2-1, 12.27ERA, 2.45WHIP, 1SV, 9K, 0HLD)

Matt Capps (0-0, 3.52ERA, 1.04WHIP, 4SV, 6K, 0HLD)

Brandon Lyon (1-1, 6.00ERA, 1.50WHIP, 3SV, 4K, 0HLD)

Juan Cruz (0-0, 2.70ERA, 1.50WHIP, 0SV, 7K, 3HLD)

J.C. Romero (0-0, 0.00ERA, 1.20WHIP, 0SV, 8K, 1HLD)

Luis Ayala (0-0, 3.86ERA, 1.86WHIP, 0SV, 3K, 3HLD)


Surprisingly, with those high ERA numbers and high WHIP numbers, I'm not that bad off in the standings. I'm currently in second place overall (out of eight teams), just 6.0 points behind the leader, and fifth overall in ERA and fourth overall in WHIP (it helps when your starting rotation consists of Harang, Oswalt, Hudson, Lowe, and Olsen!). However, I'm next to last in holds, and I'm the only team in the league with three closers (Valverde, Capps, and Lyon).


So, I've now been offered two trades. Should I take one or the other, or reject both? See for yourself and give me some advice (just to hear someone else's take on it):


TRADE 1: Brandon Lyon for Ryan Franklyn, STL (0-1, 2.16ERA, 0.96WHIP, 0SV, 3K, 7HLD)


TRADE 2: Rickie Weeks, 2B for Tom Gordon, PHI (0-2, 9.45ERA, 1.95WHIP, 1SV, 8K, 2HLD)

* - Note on "TRADE 2:" my current starting 2B is Yunel Escobar



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