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Great college baseball play!


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so pretty much I am the executive producer of a SportsCenter type show on our college TV station...we film almost every home game, and every once in a while we get lucky...like this:


my friend from the campus radio station is providing commentary during the play!


enjoy and comment...we're tryin to get it to Sports Center

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I saw, good stuff man... amazing catch. Now I can tell my roommates who were going crazy over the catch that the guy in charge of getting it on SC is a Marlins fan. HAHA

Hell ya! It was an awesome catch and an awesome time to get the video. The kid who filmed it is a freshman and I am the executive producer of our SC type show here, so he was filming for that. I just happened to be there when it was hit and got caught up in the whirlwind. There was a walk off single to win that game and in the interviews, the kid who hit the single got the shaving cream pie on camera!!! It was the game of the year for me! But I was just there to watch it when it happened.


The kids who were around him were so drunk, but he told me after the game that they actually helped him find the ball which was sweet!!!


By the way, I was also there when DeMario Anderson hit his half court shot to make SportsCenter's #1 play...didn't film it, but I was there and it was awesome.

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