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Computer problem help


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I've got a desktop PC that just started giving me problems. Its a Compaq, 1.8 GHz Intel Celeron, I've been using it for business. Also I've been dual booting Windows XP and Windows ME (2 separate drives) because I had some programs on the ME drive that I needed for business and aren't available for XP.


The problem I've been having is that Windows XP crashes at, or right after, the "welcome" screen.

Windows ME works just fine.


Everything looks normal, in booting and everything, except for it crashing after the welcome screen.


Anybody have an idea as to what my problem is?

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Yeah u could try Safe Mode and see if it goes into that. If it does load in Safe Mode the problem might be software wise. Did you install anything recently? If your able to get into Safe Made then maybe try and do a System Restore, I believe ME has it. If it continues to crash, check if the hard drive isnt making any weird noises suchs as loud clicks, and scratching. If it's doing that, thats a sign that the drive is dying on you.


You gotta figure its gonna be something software wise, since the computer boots up just fine and will load your XP.


Let me know what happens though.

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Is the drive make alot of noise when you boot up the PC? Anything unusual.


Reason I ask is I am working on a computer right now. Does the same exact thing, crashes when I boot it up. Goes for about 10 seconds or so, even crashing while I am in BIOS. Checked inside and the hard drive is clicking and making a ton of noise. Even confirmed this with my head technician and he said its the hard drive. One the drive its dead, its dead. You can replace it back with the same EXACT electronics board taken off another hard drive of the same make and model but not alot of ppl know how to do that.


Could that be the same for you?

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